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TSI Congress 2020 – Details

Securitisation – Trends in asset classes and market development
  • Investor Kick-off: The European Green Deal and the implications for asset-based finance   EN
  • Sharing economy – Wie neue Konsumtrends die Geschäftsmodelle von Banken und Fintechs beeinflussen de
  • ABCP unter STS – erste Erfahrungsberichte zur Verbriefung von Handels- und Leasingforderungen und Ausblick  de
  • Unternehmensfinanzierung zwischen Kapitalmarkt und Banken – wohin geht der Trend? de
  • Supply Chain Finance – Alternative Working-Capital-Finanzierung in stürmischen Zeiten  de
  • Verbriefung von Leasing-Forderungen – Bedeutung für die Mittelstandsfinanzierung unter ESG und Sustainable Finance  de
  • Auto ABS – Gaining importance in times of disruption and transformation of the auto industry EN 
  • CLOs in Europe – Growth, issuance and performance trends in 2020 EN 
  • MPL & SME Finance – Breakthrough for new financing opportunities? EN 
  • Opportunities and risks of credit funds to finance the structural transformation  EN 
  • Crypto Assets 4.0 – Consequences of asset tokenisation for the securitisation of these assets EN 
  • The EIF and EIB – Role and options to support SME and mid-cap leasing and loan securitisations EN 
  • Luxembourg tool box – A variety of options in investment vehicles EN 
Regulatory issues for asset-based finance and securitisation
  • New covered bonds regulation – A path to a level playing field with securitisations?  (in English)
  • STS 2.0 – Get ready for next CMU  (in English)
  • Synthetic securitisation and STS – A further step forward  (in English)
  • Capital relief trades with ABS – Market developments and regulatory environment  (in English)
  • The regulatory treatment of NPE – Level playing field with CRR and securitisation regulation to come?  (in English)
  • Brexit – Opportunities and challenges for asset-based finance  (in English)
Securitisation transactions: technology, processing and innovations
  • Securitisation 4.0 – ABCP on the blockchain (in English)
  • Development of third party verification – A new quality booster for the securitisation market (in English)
  • Green taxonomy, green loans and securitisation – New challenges for securitisation transparency (in English)
  • Securitisation repository – How increased transparency works in practice – Status and review (in English)
  • Backup servicing & trustee – Services of increased importance in the late credit cycle (in English)
Market environment 2020 – real and financial economy in challenging times
  • Disruptiver Strukturwandel – eine Bewährungsprobe für Geld- und Fiskalpolitik sowie für die Finanzmarktregulierung de
  • Beyond Sustainable Finance – How to implement impact investment in the real economy and the role of EIB and EIF en
  • Consistently negative interest rate environment in Europe and implications for various asset classes en