TSI Congress 2020
TSI Congress 2020
TSI Congress 2020
Berlin onsite & globally online
1 & 2 October 2020
Marketing Outline 2020 Berlin onsite & globally online Live event in Berlin and at the same time Top virtual event on the internet. Let yourself be inspired and be part of it! Further Info
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Berlin onsite & globally online – Congress Update

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and the resulting changes in the economy and financial markets, the focus of the TSI Congress in autumn will also shift. The headlines can be outlined as follows:

  • Assessment of the situation in the coronavirus crisis and its economic effects on the financial and real economy
  • The impact of liquidity and economic support measures by the ECB and governments
  • Banks as part of the solution in the implementation of measures to secure liquidity
  • Implications for the euro area, the Capital Market Union and financial market stability in the EU
  • Potential extent and consequences of the recession on credit portfolios and capital resources of banks
  • Raising capital through capital relief trades, NPL securitisations and sale of non-performing loans
  • Adaptation of banking and securitisation regulation and further development of STS
  • Where does the crisis leave sustainable finance and digitalisation – reprioritisation and opportunities

An overview of the topics in detail is given below:

TSI Congress 2020 – Details

Overcoming the coronavirus crisis: Asset based finance in challenging times
  • Corporate Special: Aktuelle Herausforderungen der Finanzierung der Realwirtschaft – Politik und Unternehmer im Gespräch  de 
  • Auswirkungen der Krise auf die Banken- und Kapitalmarktfinanzierung von Unternehmen  de  
  • Das Finanzsystem in der Coronakrise – Maßnahmen zur Stabilisierung des Bankensystems   de
  • Zentralbankmaßnahmen und -optionen zur Überwindung der Finanzierungsprobleme von Eurostaaten in und nach der Coronakrise   de
  • Credit markets after the end of the forbearance measures and the special regulations on insolvency law in Germany and Europe  EN    
  • Securitisation of non-performing loans in Europe – Status and what needs to be done?  EN 
  • BREXIT SPECIAL: Brexit – opportunities and challenges for asset-based finance in turbulent times  EN
Securitisation – Regulatory issues
  • Investor Special: Credit Markets under stress – what are the impacts on securitisation?  EN
  • Auswirkungen des Kreditmoratoriums auf Verbriefungen?  DE
  • Die aktuelle Bedeutung von Verbriefungen in der Geldmarktpolitik des Eurosystems  DE
  • Has the implementation of the securitisation regulation been completed?  EN
  • STS, SRT and capital relief trades: Rules for securitisation & risk transfer  EN
  • STS Special: Could the securitisation world be a blueprint for broader capital market regulation?  EN
Securitisation – Asset class issues
  • Auto-ABS – Challenges of an Industry between Corona Impacts, Green Deal and Digitilisation (in English)
  • Wachsende Bedeutung von Leasingverbriefungen in der Post-Corona-Ära  DE
  • Learnings zu ABCP-Transaktionen in und nach der Coronakrise  DE
  • Rating und Performanceerwartungen von ABS-Assetklassen  DE
  • ABCP 4.0 – the long way towards an instrument like a 'short term covered bond‘  (in English)
  • The developments of credit funds – what further trends are to come?  (in English)
  • What are the actual drivers of the CLO market?  (in English)
  • RMBS – Challenges and perspectives for a solid asset class (in English)
Securitisation 4.0 – Trends and outlook
  • Digitale Geschäftsmodelle und Finanzierung – Chancen und Risiken durch den Umbruch? DE
  • ESG und Sustainable Finance: Wirkt die Coronakrise als Katalysator oder Showstopper?  DE
  • The future of marketplace lending and credit platforms  EN
  • Securitisation 4.0 – ABCP on the blockchain  EN
  • Crypto assets 4.0 – Consequences of asset tokenisation for the securitisation of these assets  EN
  • EIF & EIB: Securitisation efforts to support SME lending and leasing after the coronavirus crisis  EN