In the course of the urgently needed transformation of the European economy, the capital markets union is once again coming more into focus. Enormous investments need to be financed, and leading figures from politics, central banks and supervision unanimously emphasise that securitisation must make a significant contribution here. The TSI Congress 2024 provides a platform for an in-depth discussion on the challenges and opportunities that arise in connection with asset-based finance and securitisation.

Macroeconomics, Capital Markets Union and Financial Markets Stability

  • Agenda for the next legislation in Brussels – preparing the “new deal for European future”? en
  • Vollendung der Kapitalmarktunion – besondere Relevanz aus deutscher Sicht? de
  • Central banks’ turnaround in interest rate reversal en
  • Bestandsaufnahme Kapitalmarktunion aus Sicht der Unternehmen in Deutschland de

Trends in Credit Markets

  • Sluggish economic growth, restrained demand for credit, and rising default rates – how does this impact on investment strategies and asset allocation (Investor Kick-off) en
  • The state of play in real estate lending: Turnaround in commercial real estate lending or long term recovery? en
  • Alternative credit: Infrastructure and project finance for green transition en
  • Corporate Special: Chancen für die Mittelstandsfinanzierung in Deutschland de
  • Green and Sustainable Finance: Can investor demand be met? en

Securitisation markets and Asset Classes

  • Auto ABS – key drivers for issuance and performance? en
  • Lending platforms and Consumer ABS en
  • Quo vadis Working Capital Finance – Verbriefung von Handelsforderungen über ABCP de
  • Synthetic Balance Sheet Securitisation – fit for further growth or do we need
    more cash securitisations? en
  • Equipment Leasing – Aktuelle Entwicklungen einer etablierten Assetklasse de
  • Growth path in Securitisation of Residential Solar and Heat Pump Receivables en
  • CLOs – Revival of M&A activities driving growth? en
  • NPL securitisation – a niche asset class in the credit cycle? en
  • Scopes and limits of WBS for Scaling-up Startups en

Securitisation, Regulation & Technology

  • Rules & Regulation I: Verbesserung der Rahmenbedingungen für Emittenten – ist Level 1 anzupassen? de
  • Rules & Regulation II: Demand side – how to substantially broaden the investor base? en
  • Greening Securitisations: Expecting for SFDR-aligned securitisations or going straight to the European Green Bond Standard? en
  • Development of the Securitisation framework in Luxembourg en
  • Relevanz von Servicing und Daten für die Qualität von Verbriefungen de
  • Verbriefung auf der Blockchain - wird die Standardisierung von Strukturen, Verträgen und Daten zum Durchbruch verhelfen? de
  • AI digging into Securitisation and Lending – where do we stand? en

Supporting Programme

Our supporting programme offers you the opportunity to exchange ideas and expand your personal network.

Round Tables & Business Events

A large number of round tables and business events are once again on the programme this year.


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