"Towards a Capital Market Union: Asset Based Finance – Quality in the Credit Cycle" – on 28 and 29 September 2017 in Berlin

The year is still young, and already there is no doubt that 2017 will be an eventful year. The impacts of Trump's economic and foreign policy have created hopes and fears on the capital markets, and the Brexit negotiations are imminent. More than ever before, Europe will be called upon to demonstrate its ability to act – in the year when elections in four euro countries have the potential to vigorously shake the continent's foundations.

Everywhere we look, we see the same picture. Quantitative easing and low-interest policies have inflated the prices across the spectrum of investments, and the search for value is becoming increasingly difficult, not just for fixed-income investors. Amid all this, policy­makers remain strangely attached to yesterday and yesterday's risks – as highlighted by the debate over STS securitisations – even though European securitisations have proven their quality like no other asset class in the last credit cycles.

Against this backdrop, the 28th and 29th of September 2017, immediately following the parliamentary elections in Germany, is the right time to take stock of what has transpired over the year and, at the same time, to look at what is ahead and explore issues and themes such as the following:

  • USA Special – what impacts will Trump's economic and foreign policy have on Europe's capital markets? What influence will loosening US banking regulations have on regulation in Europe? Where can value still be found in the fixed-income markets? Get up-to-date information and discuss with experts what all of this means for investor behaviour and the asset-based finance market in Europe.
  • What new trends are emerging on the structured finance markets and in the area of fintech finance? Where are new asset classes emerging, and what trends can be observed in the cooperation between banks and insurers? Expect many exciting topics from marketplace lending through managed CLOs to green finance.
  • Banking regulation in the face of the EU's Capital Market Union project, Brexit and USA – where is financial market regulation heading? What influence does Brexit have on European capital markets? Further topics: the current debate on STS securitisa­tion, the status of the Capital Market Union project, Basel IV, new rules for infra­structure finance for banks and insurers, and much more.
  • Securitisation as a growth engine in Europe – current market forums with the full A to Z from auto ABS – market development and regulatory environment – to the securitisation of leasing and trade receivables: growing interest of the real economy vs. uncharted regulatory territory.

"Towards a Capital Market Union: Asset Based Finance – Quality in the Credit Cycle" – the main theme of the TSI Congress 2017 at the Berlin Radisson BLU Hotel on 28 and 29 September 2017 (Thursday/Friday!) captures the spirit of our time.

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