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TSI congress 2020: Asset Based Finance 4.0 – Sustainable Financing of the Structural Transformation in the Real Economy and the Finance Industry

In these times of upheaval, a high-calibre and functioning network is of central importance and we are pleased that the TSI Community is growing both nationally and internationally year by year. This is a benefit for everyone involved. The platform to bring together all these market participants in the securitisation and asset-based finance markets is the annual TSI Congress in Berlin.

The 2019 securitisation year was dominated by the application and implementation of the new securitisation rules. The motto of all participants was to make STS a success together; verification issues were of great importance in this context. After almost a year of experience, we can say that the start has been extremely successful. The constructive support of representatives of the European and national supervisory authorities, the ECB, EBA, ESMA, BaFin and Deutsche Bundesbank, also contributed to this. 

2020 +++ Securitisation – a stable asset class in times of economic upheaval +++ Digitalisation +++ Sustainable Finance +++ Basel IV +++ Limits of central bank policy

In 2020, however, we will be dealing with a number of other issues: The economic and technological upheaval is in full swing; in the real economy the agenda is dictated by the increasing digitalisation of the car and new mobility services, the imminent transition from the combustion engine to the electric motor and the necessary and politically driven conversion of industry and businesses to carbon neutrality. And it is the task of the financial sector to provide the financing flows accordingly. 

But even beyond the developments in the real economy, the financial sector itself is facing major upheavals driven by the use of new technologies, central bank policy, regulation and the market. These changes will not leave the securitisation market unscathed. Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, new providers such as FinTechs, credit funds and marketplace lending platforms are changing the playing field for banks, as are negative interest rates and new regulations.

It is precisely these issues that will continue to occupy us even more in 2020, as a fundamental structural transformation is happening in the real economy and the finance industry, reminiscent of the extent and pace of the great historical upheavals of the past. 

We believe that securitisations and asset-based finance solutions will become increasingly important in the coming paradigm shift of the economy and the financial world.

This outlines the environment in which we will operate in 2020, which may still be exacerbated by an economic downturn. In such turbulent times, exchange and dialogue is more important than ever. The beginning of October 2020 is therefore certainly the right time to analyse the ongoing transformation, draw a preliminary conclusion and provide impetus for its further development.

This year's TSI Congress, which will take place for the 14th time on 1 and 2 October 2019, reflects the multitude of current topics, opportunities and challenges. With the headline ‘Asset Based Finance 4.0 - Sustainable Financing of the Structural Transformation in the Real Economy and the Finance Industry’ we open up space for targeted and groundbreaking discussions in the run-up to and during the congress.

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