Jan-Peter Hülbert
True Sale International GmbH
 Jan-Peter Hülbert Jan-Peter Hülbert has been the Managing Director of True Sale International GmbH in Frankfurt since July 2018. Before that he was Head of Asset Based Finance – Corporates of Raiffeisen Bank International AG and responsible for Consumer Assets and Trade Receivables since September 2012. The asset classes included Auto Loans, Auto Leasing, Equipment Leasing and unsecured Consumer Loans as well as trade receivables. Since 2002, he has structured numerous public ABS bond transactions as well as various bilateral and syndicated securitisations for corporate clients, leasing companies and consumer banks. Mr. Hülbert holds a degree in business administration from Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich. He has also been a member of the Supervisory Board of STS Verification International GmbH (SVI) since 1 February 2019.