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28 & 29 September 2023 | Berlin
TSI Congress 2023 New location – Same Date! Look forward to a new event location with us this year: The TSI Congress 2023 in Berlin will take place at Hotel Steigenberger am Kanzleramt. Save the Date: 28. & 29. September! Further Info

TSI Congress 2023

Securitisation and Asset Based Finance – Contributing to financial market stability and growth of the real economy

2023 +++ Central bank policy, economic growth and energy transition +++ Financing the transformation +++ Basel III Banking Package +++ ESG, transparency and disclosure +++ Portfolio performance with rising interest rates +++ Technological change as an opportunity +++

Opening keynote

This year's congress is entitled "Securitisation and Asset Based Finance – Contributing to financial market stability and growth of the real economy" and will open with a keynote speech by Fabrizio Campelli, Member of the Management Board, Deutsche Bank, on "Financial Market Stability in Europe and the Role of the Banking Sector for Financing the Transformation". 

We look forward with you to the new event location for this year's TSI Congress, the Hotel Steigenberger am Kanzleramt Berlin.

Be there on 28 and 29 September 2023 for the start of the

TSI Congress 2023: Securitisation and Asset Based Finance – Contributing to financial market stability and growth of the real economy.

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What topics are on the agenda this year?

The geopolitical situation remains tense and the economic environment is characterised by great uncertainty. High inflation rates have prompted central banks to realign monetary and interest rate policies. However, this has not been without consequences and has caused some disruption to financial market stability. At the same time, investments in climate action, technological change and infrastructure renewal are becoming increasingly urgent.

Representatives from the political sphere and central banks in Germany and Europe advocate a more far-reaching Capital Markets Union as an engine of economic renewal. Asset-based finance and securitisation can and should play an important role in this. This applies in particular to the European economy, where banks still cover around 80% of corporate financing. Securitisations remain the ideal instrument for linking bank-based corporate financing with the capital markets.

1. Capital Markets Union and financial market stability

What requirements must the Capital Markets Union meet in order to be able to handle the necessary investments in the digital and sustainable transformation? In this financial market architecture, which is crucial for the German economy in particular, where does bank-based corporate finance fit in? What role can and should securitisations, private debt, loan funds and other alternative forms of financing play - without creating new risks for financial market stability? And how can a level playing field be created in the ECB's collateral framework for ABCP as well?


2. Contribution to the financing of the transformation

To what extent can asset-based finance contribute to the financing of commercial and private investments in times of rising interest rates? How can securitisations be used in infrastructure and project finance as well as in financing the mobility and energy transition? And what potential does the European Green Bond Standard offer for the market as a whole and for securitisations in particular?


3. Balancing technological progress and regulation

How are technological change and increasing regulatory requirements affecting the banking industry and securitisation? The finalisation of Basel III through the Banking Package will impact lending capacity and the real economy. Securitisations will also be affected, and it remains to be seen what impact the output floor will have. On the other hand, securitisations also offer opportunities to efficiently finance the real economy, and the rapidly developing blockchain technology will be a driving force for the development of the product. To what extent can platform solutions help increase the investor base?

Meet the experts!

At the TSI Congress on 28 and 29 September in Berlin, we will, as usual, highlight the entire range of relevant and current topics and discuss them with market participants and experts from the political arena and regulatory authorities.

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